Today ‘Wavegarden Hamburg’ is still just an idea for a future project to bring to Hamburg the word-class surf spot already developed in Spain. nserve Environmental Services GmbH as the supporting organization is the official licensee of Instant Sports brand Wavegarden® in the Hamburg area.

With ten years of market experience, nserve is a world-leading developer of climate protection projects under the Kyoto Protocol, with 40 projects worldwide – from Korea to Columbia, from Finland to South Africa – reducing more than 30 Million tonnes of CO2. nserve’s co-founder Albrecht von Ruffer has a great passion for surfing and from the very beginning he has been enthusiastic about the Wavegarden concept. The facility prototype based in Basque’s San Sebastian already attracts people of all ages, fitness levels and skills, including small children. Wavegarden is a man-made wave that creates ideal conditions for surfing, as well as a broadly appealing range of other wave sports, such as body boarding, kayaking, and stand-up paddling. Early testing and professional feedback show Wavegarden to be the closest thing to an ocean break. The patented Wavegarden technology can be applied to a variety of existing bodies of water: from lakes and lagoons, to reservoirs and large ponds. In each case, perfect waves of all sizes, shapes and speeds are consistently generated in a safe, natural environment using much less energy than any other wave generator in history. For nserve the Wavegarden project is definitely not an ordinary climate protection project. It is a complex and long-term location investment project, to be financed, developed and managed with as small an ecological footprint as possible. This combines nserve’s longstanding business expertise with its personal passion for this sport.

There are multiple benefits for Hamburg through this very unique sports park: a plus for quality of life, a plus as a local economic factor, a plus by strengthening the strategy for the next decade “HAMBURGmachtSPORT” (Hamburg does sports). Last but not least it offers a perfect city-centre surf spot, until now only offered by L.A. or Sydney.

Convinced by the great potential of a Wavegarden for Hamburg, nserve is focusing on building a large fan community, assessing suitable locations, broadening the investor base, and activating local politicians and administrations to support the eventual approval procedures.

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