The Film Commission of the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FCHSH) awarded Tamtam Film again with a Green Shooting Card – this time for the Danish-German co-production „Companion“. This motion picture debut of director Samanou A. Sahlstrøm is currently filmed in St. Pauli under environmentally friendly conditions. Not long ago, their filmlet “Gloomy Sabbath” was honored for contributing to the environment through climate friendly shootings. The Green Shooting Card was handed over to the whole team at the Companion set by the FCHSH in attendance of nserve.
In the picture (from left to right): Andrea Schütte and Dirk Decker (Tamtam Film), Lisa Carlehed (Actress), Samanou A. Sahlstrøm (Director), Mirco Kreibich (Actor), Christiane Scholz (FCHSH), Johanna Wokalek (Actress), Jörg Lassak (Head of Producing), Peter Plaugborg (Actor; sitting), Sara Namer (Producer), Dr. Marten von Velsen-Zerweck (nserve).
Photo: Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein