Better quality of life and greater climate protection

The uncoordinated disposal of wastewater and livestock waste in the slums of the Chinese region Anhua not only harm the environment, but also the health of the inhabitants. With our local biogas project, we prevent the uncontrolled release of methane into the atmosphere, whilst also significantly improving the quality of life for the Anhua locals. Biogas plants have been installed directly in the huts of 4,000 smallholdings.
Wastewater and livestock waste can thus systematically be disposed of and fermented into biogas – a win-win situation for humans and the environment. And it’s not only hygiene conditions that have improved: Thanks to the biogas plants, energy can be generated from the methane that was previously released into the atmosphere. Consequently, the residents don’t need to burn as much wood for cooking and heating and are no longer exposed to the health hazards of cooking smoke in the huts. Funding is provided through small loans to the families, who typically would not have access to such financing. The potential revenue from the sale of CO2-certificates serves as security. The proceeds are then used to repay the loans.

Additional ecological and socio-economic benefits

  • Significant improvements in hygiene conditions in the region
  • Money is saved from the purchase of firewood
  • Biogas replaces wood and charcoal as a cooking and heating fuel
  • The reduction of particulate pollution reduces the risk of respiratory and eye diseases, especially among women and children

Key information

  • Region: China, Anhua county in the province of Hunan
  • Project type: Biogas production
  • CO2 reduction: 88,750 tCO2e through to 2020
  • Standard: Gold Standard VER